Interactive Maps for Wurm Online
The most powerful and responsive browser-based Mapping Utility for the Wurm Online MMORPG and Wurm Unlimited. WurmMaps provides high quality community-editable maps for all 16 Wurm Online servers. Maps include numerous distinct features not found on other map tools; tile highlighting for special tile-types, automatic pathfinding, disbanded deed tracking, support for viewing historical mapdumps, and more - all with a minimalistic and highly-configurable UI. Development and new feature rollouts occur regularly, and I am always open to suggestions.

If you would like an edit made, permission to make edits, submit feature suggestions, or assist with development, you are encouraged to join the WurmMaps Feedback & Development Discord Server. If Discord is not your thing, you may also email me at with your inquiry.

We are always looking for interested new editors, maintainers, explorers, and cartographers!
What's new?
    Updated: 03/13/2024
  • - Updated Map Dumps to 2024 revision
    • The latest map dumps have been added to WurmMaps, and the 2023 isometric maps have been added to the available map history. If you are still seeing the outdated mapdump when viewing a map, force-reload the page by pressing CTRL+F5, or clear your browser cache.
  • - Added a historical map for Jackal under Other Servers category
    • Pretty pointless, but why not?
  • - WurmMaps.XYZ now has a Discord Server

    Updated: 03/05/2024
  • - We're Back!
    • After some expected downtime of a few days, WurmMaps is back.
    • Development will continue, albeit at a slower pace than before. The next major feature rollout will include personal map markers, so users can privately record up to 100 locations without making the markers public. Unfortunately, no ETA on this as of yet.

    Updated: 10/31/2023
  • - Re-Enabled Email Verification functions which have been bugged or disabled for some time.
    • Newly registered users should now properly recieve a verification email to enable wider account function.
    • Existing users should now properly be able to request password reset emails on the login screen, in the event you have forgotten your password.

    Updated: 10/3/2023
  • - Added Text Labels to Deed and Tower markers.
    • They can be toggled individually, under the expandable layers panel in the top-right.
    • Regardless of toggled status, Labels should always show when hovering over a marker that has one.
    • By default, Deed Labels are visible and Tower Labels are hidden.
  • - Added two new maps for Wurm Online:
    • Golden Valley (Login Server, former F2P Server) - Using dumps created from the official Wurm Unlimited map release. Populated with historical data for the official server.
    • Oracle (Test Server) - Using the latest dumps provided during Exploration & Holy Site testing.
    • Server Events have been disabled for these servers, since no event feeds for them exist.
  • - Added historical mapdumps to all servers, for viewing the map at earlier points in time.
    • - The server now only hosts the most-current mapdumps. Historical dumps will be loaded directly from the official Wurm Online Google Drive account. If GCG ever breaks their drive, they will inadvertently break this feature as well.
    • - Calculations such as the Route Finder will always calculate using the current-day map data, regardless of what data is being displayed.
  • - The contact email for this site has been updated to a more appropriate address:

    Updated: 7/24/2023
  • - Finalized the site-wide style changes. This has allowed me to prune a number of outdated and unnecessary dependencies, which should make loading the site a bit faster.
  • - Upgraded the Leaflet.JS version used by the maps to the latest revision. This should fix a number of longstanding bugs, and even further improve performance.